Giant for Goliath

IHC Hydrohammer is a specialist in offshore pile driving hammers. WPL is the preferred partner for the mobilization of these giants. In October 2011 WPL was awarded by IHC with another logistical challenge: the transport of a hydraulic pile driving hammer S-1200, weighing 196 tons, from Kinderdijk to the Eemshaven. Various divisions of Wagenborg came into action for this transport.

The pile driving hammers, which are able to drive piles into the ground both above and below water, were lifted by Wagenborg Nedlift using a hydraulic gantry system on to a 10-axle modular trailer. After transport to the harbour two 500 tons mobile cranes from Wagenborg Nedlift hoisted the giant including additional equipment on to Wagenborg barge 3. After this the barge was shipped to the Eems harbour by tugboat ‘Waterpoort’.

The heavy lift vessel ‘Goliath’ was already in position to lift the cargo on board using her deck cranes. Then the Goliath set sail to the offshore wind farm Borkum West II (Germany) where the hydraulic piling hammer installed foundations for wind turbines.

Borkum West II Offshore wind farm

The 400MW Borkum West II wind farm is being built 45 kilometres offshore the Borkum island in the North Sea. Spread over 56km2, it is the first fully large-scale municipal offshore project in Europe. German utility company Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum is carrying out the project at a cost of €1bn. The venture is expected to generate 1,200GWh annually to power nearly 250,000 households.