Besides the fact that our Eemshaven terminal plays a central role in the offshore wind industry as an onshore hub, it is also a test ground for new wind turbines. Recently RWE/ Essent selected the terminal as the onshore location to place one of two 6MW offshore wind turbine generators.

The 6MW turbine, providing enough power for more than 5,000 households, is developed to be installed offshore. 48 of these turbines are already planned for the Nordsee Ost wind farm, but before going offshore RWE/Essent wanted to gain experience onshore, in the installation, maintenance and  exploitation of these turbines. Royal Wagenborg took care of the transport and on-site logistics of the 6MW turbines to Eemshaven with our own m.v.  Missouriborg, a 750Te crawler crane and a 16 axle modular trailer.

During the installation of this giant turbine a 1350 Te crawler crane was used. Anyone driving up towards the Eemshaven could not miss this large crawler, given that even from long distances she was highly visible. A central role during the installation of this turbine on the Wagenborg Stevedoring terminal was laid out for Wagenborg Nedlift, which took care of the local transport of all components. The turbine, once complete installed, reaches up to a total height of 177 metres; therewith reaching higher than the tallest building in the Netherlands…

Superlift Stabilization & security structure for crawler cranes

Wagenborg has recently tested a new innovation on the superlift tray of a 750 tons crawler crane: the Superlift Stabilization & Security Structure (SSSS). This system consists of heavy ballast supports which can be assembled on the tray during the rigging of the crane. The supports make it easier to place the ballast plates (12.5 tons each) on the tray. Wagenborg uses its own standardized superlift plates, which can be used on every type of crawler crane. The ability to exchange the ballast plates ensures an efficient use.


The manual of the 750 tons crawler crane states the following about placing the plates on the tray: “when ballast is placed on the tray it must be ensured that the ballast plates cannot fall off or move about”. The high raised edges of the new Superlift Stabilization & Security Structure (SSSS) ensure that the plates are centered in the correct position and that they cannot move or fall off the tray. Not only manufacturer’s guidelines have been taken into account; Wagenborg regularly works for customers who have their own safety guidelines. It is expected that in the future clients will demand that a superlift installation is equipped with suitable heavy duty lashing points, to prevent superlift plates from falling off the tray.


Thanks to the Superlift Stabilization & Security System (SSSS) innovation, Wagenborg complies with the safety requirements in the manufacturer’s manuals of the crawler cranes. Moreover, the positioning of the plates has been made much easier for the operator and the design meets future safety requirements. The responses to the new feature are so positive that all our crawler cranes will soon be equipped with the SSSS on their superlift installation.