On the boundary between
onshore and offshore

Only a few nautical miles north of Eemshaven, The Netherlands, large scale offshore wind farm developments take place. The German Bight, or the German North Sea area, shows a massive potential for this type of power supply. With the first wind farms already connected to the grid, developments are now really taking off quickly, with Bard Offshore I as one of the first large scale developments now being followed by the likes of Borkum West II.

Alpha Ventus and Bard Offshore I

Royal Wagenborg has been involved with the offshore wind developments in the German North Sea from the very beginning. The Wagenborg Stevedoring terminal in Eemshaven served as the onshore logistical hub to support the installation of all 12 wind turbine generators - each with a capacity of 5 MW - for the first German offshore wind project Alpha Ventus in 2009.

Soon after Alpha Ventus, the installation works for Bard Offshore I started. Ever since, the wind-turbine generator components of Bard have been a regular sight in Eemshaven. In 2013 all 80 turbines of 5MW each, will be connected to the grid, therewith providing a nominal capacity of 400MW, sufficient to meet the power needs of more than 400,000 households. Royal Wagenborg has been the logistical service provider for Bard ever since the start of this project.