Advanced choice for a new crane

Recently Wagenborg took a new 400 tonnes Tadano Faun ATF 400G-6 crane into service. Wagenborg is the first operator in the Benelux with this advanced machine, which is equipped with the latest techniques in the field of cranes.

Especially with regard to safe work methods, this crane satisfies high demands. A unique feature is that it is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable and extendable jib of 31 metres length that can be assembled by the crane itself. This means that the jib can now be assembled without needing an auxiliary crane. In addition to efficiency and cost benefits,  this is also safer because it minimises the need to work at height. A minimum amount of space is also needed during the assembly.

The crane is also equipped with a flat deck and extensive steps and railings so that the places which are difficult to access on the crane can also be safely reached. The crane operator can also secure himself when he has to work on the jib with the aid of the TRAM system. TRAM stands for Total Restraint Access Module: this is a modular system that virtually excludes any fall hazard. So it’s a perfect fall protection system.

The transport of the ballast for the new acquisition will be performed using a semi-low loader instead of a traditional ballast trailer. The work height of a semi-low loader is much lower than the conventional type of trailer. This also improves the safety during the loading and unloading. The 400 ton crane is able to load and unload its own ballast safely within the margins of the hoisting capacity. The crane is fitted with a modern undercarrier engine, equipped with Ad-Blue. An engine capacity of 653 pk is thereby combined with a low fuel consumption and low emissions.

And, last but not least, this crane is also equipped with the Lift Adjuster, an invention of Tadano Faun. The crane corrects - computer-controlled - the bending of the boom during hoisting. As a result, ‘swinging’ of the load when it is picked up is minimised. The new 400 ton crane means that Wagenborg Nedlift is once again taking a step in the direction of safer, more efficient and more sustainable work methods. We are therefore proud of this investment!