New ecocombi for
Wagenborg Reining

After the success of the first Ecocombi, which was introduced last year, Wagenborg Reining put another Ecocombi on duty. This new Ecocombi has a loading capacity of 54 euro pallets with respect to 34 euro pallets in a mega trailer or 38 euro pallets in a road train. This bigger loading capacity makes the LZV (Langere en Zwaardere Vrachtautocombinatie - Longer and Heavier Transportvehicle) a more environmentally friendly transport solution.

In addition this Ecocombi is equipped with an innovative fuel system which combines gas and diesel. At full duty, such as accelerating, the engine uses 100% diesel. At partial duty, such as cruise control, gas is being added. Depending on different parameters such as speed, turbo pressure, amount of injected diesel, position of the gas pedal and clutch and the temperature of the cooling water, the optimum ratio between gas and diesel is determined. In general this ratio is 70% diesel and 30% gas, where the efficiency of the motor improves as a

result of a better combustion and emissions are reduced.


With this new Ecocombi Wagenborg Reining is taking the next step in its ambition to sustainable logistics. Wagenborg Reining has been investing in its sustainability for 5 years. During this period several technical and behavioural improvements led to a CO2 reduction of 35%. In 2011 this was rewarded with achieving the Lean and Green Award.