New types
of vessels

Wagenborg offers tailor-made maritime services as an international provider of safe and economic transport solutions. With over a hundred years of experience in the northwestern part of Europe, the Mediterranean, trans-Atlantic routes and beyond, Wagenborg has every conceivable maritime solution for the changing transport needs of today. Our fleet is modern and environmentally friendly, while our capacity ranges from 2,000 to 23,000  tons deadweight. With this diversity in size and tonnage we are able to offer just-in-time shipments for almost every cargo or cargo contract. With an average age of 6.7 years, our fleet is one of the youngest in the entire world. Our entire fleet, of about 180 vessels, will be extended with three new types of vessels. The T-type, V-type and R-type will be delivered the upcoming year.

T-class: ‘Thamesborg’, ‘Taagborg’, ‘Tiberborg’,

In the last 7 years, 21 vessels of the A-type with a deadweight of 17,300 tons have been added to our fleet. This successful series will this year get a sequel with a 30 metres extended version. Under the name T-type, a new series, consisting of four vessels, will be built by Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard, Shanghai. These vessels will be ice classed multipurpose vessels with a deadweight of 21,350 tons. Equipped

with four 60 ton cranes divided over two 55 m long boxshaped holds, these vessels set a new standard as to versatility. These vessels are also equipped with an approved ballast water treatment system and a fixed holdwash system including a sloptank for washwater. The first vessel, m.v. ‘Thamesborg’ has recently joined our fleet, and will be followed this year by her sisters Taagborg, Tiberborg and Trinityborg.

General specifications T-class
General specifications T-class
Length over all 172,34 meters
Length bpp 161,34 meters
Width 21,50 meters
Depth 13,30 meters
Deadweight 21.350 tonnes
Main engine 7500 kW Wärtsilä 6L46F
Speed 17 knots

V-class: ‘Vlieborg’, ‘Volgaborg’

The m.v. ‘Vlieborg’ is, after the m.v. ‘Vikingbank’ from Pot Scheepvaart, the second of a series 1A ice-classed 11,850 tons multipurpose vessels which shipyard Ferus Smit is building for Royal Wagenborg and related shipping companies. The vessels have an innovative bowshape which improves the seakeeping behaviour on

various loading conditions and reduces the required engine power. With only 2970 kW installed power on a propeller in a nozzle, the vessels are capable of sailing up to 14 knots and maintaining speed in heavy seas conditions. The third vessel in this series, m.v. ‘Volgaborg’, will be delivered in March 2013.

General specifications V-class
General specifications V-class
Length over all 142,65 meters
Width 15,87 meters
Depth 10,78 meters
Deadweight 11.850 tonnes
Hold capacity 503.500 cft
Main engine 2970 kW MAK 9M25
Speed 14 knots

R-class: ‘Reestborg’, ‘Reggeborg’, ‘Roerborg’

Recently Shipyard Ferus Smit in Leer (Germany) launched the first of a series of three 23,000 ton deadweight multipurpose vessels. This vessel, which is named ‘Reestborg’, is the largest general cargo vessel in the entire Wagenborg fleet. The vessel has two equal sized holds, each with a length of more than 60 metres. A removable tweendeck can be placed in both holds. The Reestborg is equipped with a newly developed type of bow, which was applied for the first time -in slightly smaller format-, to recently built m.v. ‘Vlieborg’. The advantages of this

new shape include smoother sailing and a higher speed on various drafts. The engine power can thus be limited, which will reduce the use of fuel. An extensive programme of towing tank tests showed this vessel can reach a speed around 13 knots in open water and that it meets the demands of the Finnish-Swedish ice class 1A. After the launch and delivery of the ‘Reestborg’ in March, the shipyard started building the second vessel, which will be named “Reggeborg’ and is expected to be delivered at the beginning of 2014. The third vessel, “Roerborg”, will join our fleet around mid 2014.

General specifications R-class
General specifications R-class
Length over all 169,75 meters
Length bpp 161,34 meters
Width 20,40 meter
Depth 13,30 meters
Deadweight 23.249 tonnes
Main engine 4500 kW Wärtsilä 9L32
Speed 13 knots