Our specialized services
to the oil & gas market

A relatively ‘new’ division is Wagenborg Offshore – a part of the 115 years old mother company – which specialized in the oil & gas market during the last 15 years. Although the name of this division might suggest differently, Wagenborg provides its services both onshore and offshore. Where it started in 1998 with two icebreaking supply vessels in the North Caspian, we nowadays have expanded our global presence as well as our activities. The diversity of activities now ranges from movements, maintenance, modifications and inspections on and of drilling rigs to jar and fishing tool rentals to oil and gas companies, from conductor driving to accommodating services or gas pipe logistics.


With presences in The Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, the Middle East and Kazakhstan Wagenborg has been able to demonstrate how the distances are increasingly marginal as regional differences can be turned into advantages. In a growing global market, Wagenborg manages to maintain the high standards of QHSE, efficiency and competitiveness that have always been outstanding.


But we do not consider this a final result; it is a reason to improve even more: to face new and even more challenging projects in future, entering new markets, such as Africa, Argentina, China and every other possible location to provide our services. We are proud to say that the world is a little bit smaller today.

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