Complete drilling rig maintenance
modifications & inspections

Since the middle of 2012 Wagenborg Foxdrill has extended its services. For some decades the company was already experienced in engineering activities in the field of inspection and modification of particularly derricks of offshore-installations. Through intensive training and gaining mechanical and hydraulic experience in this field Wagenborg Foxdrill proved to be able to execute maintenance, modifications and inspections to complete drilling rigs, onshore as well as offshore.

Throughout the years mechanisation and automation of drilling rigs have made enormous developments. That’s why more and more emphasis has been put on safety of electrical installations in combination with the improvements on explosively safe components. Wagenborg Foxdrill got this knowledge in-house through intensive cooperation with BJ Consultancy, until recently a self-employed inspection and consultancy firm in the oil and gas industry with an experience of over 40 years in the fields of maintenance and inspection of equipment for drilling rigs and well repairs. Through cooperation and the origins of both companies, quite some knowledge and experience is present in this special field.

Since the foundation in 1967 customers are paramount for Wagenborg Foxdrill. This means that the company likes to serve them quickly and efficiently. That’s why reports are clearly structured, to the point and written in the customer’s preferred language. Currently Wagenborg Foxdrill is working on IT solutions to optimize this further, so the company will be able to provide her customers with even quicker and better reports.

To the common denominator Maintenance, Modification & Inspections (in short MMI) Wagenborg Foxdrill is your partner concerning maintenance, modification and inspection of drilling rigs. Wagenborg Foxdrill is in close contact with the leading producers in the industry, as a result of this the inspectors is keep their knowledge at a high level as a matter of course we meet the high standards and demands specified in this specific market. These demands can be customer specific as well as in accordance with the market (e.g. API).