Wagenborgs flourishing
oilfield services

The year 2012 was full of challenges and opportunities for Wagenborg Oilfield Services. We increased our activities and services in Russia and opened up a new endeavour in Serbia with GASPROMNEFT/ NIS. However, for the team, the greatest success of 2012 was when the GASPROMNEFT tender for Fishing services was awarded to Wagenborg in Noyabrsk Western Siberia.

Wide variety of services

As a part of the Wagenborg Offshore division, Wagenborg Oilfield Services provides quality services and equipment to the oil & gas industry. In 2011 operations started with 4 service lines (Drilling Jar  Rentals, Tubular and Rentals, Machine Shop Services and Power Swivel Operations). Currently the amount of services lines are increased to 8,  including: Fishing Services, Radial Cutting Torch, Whipstock sales, Stabilizer Rental and redress. With this extension of services Wagenborg can offer a wide variety of services to the oil companies.

Experience and dedication

We employ highly qualified specialists; our employees have lots of experience in working with drilling and production equipment. At the beginning of 2012 we had 21 people working for Wagenborg Oilfield Services in Russia. The current headcount is 41 people and this number is increasing every month. The people are dedicated  and can handle the high workload perfectly. Mister Karen Tangyan, the General Director of Wagenborg Oilfield Services in Russia, is convinced that our business will increase in the years to come and that there are good opportunities in other regions in Russia to expand our activities.

Last year we already increased our activities with most of our customers and we are awarded several new contracts in 2013. The outlook is very positive and we expect an increase of drilling activity in Russia and Serbia for approximately 15%. New oil companies and joint ventures are starting in Russia on a monthly bases and they frequently contact us to help them with their requests and operational issues.

Serbian challenge

In Serbia we have a competent sales team that is focussed on direct sales of Oilfield Equipment in the widest range possible to GASPROMNEFT/ NIS. We started in 2012 with the direct sales and now have a team of 4 persons that is managed by Mister Darko Radivojevic. We have confidence to increase the activities with GASPROMNEFT/NIS in  2013 and instead of only providing direct sales, we hopefully will provide direct services, such as Down Hole Fishing as well.

Proof of quality

Wagenborg Oilfield Services received its ISO certification in the beginning of 2012 and we are working now on getting the API (American Petrol Institute) license for the Machine Shop. Getting the API license will put us in a strategic position with our customers to insure and prove our high quality products. We expect to receive the API license in 2013.

Overall we are very positive for 2013 and we have all reasons to believe that this will be an excellent year for the Oil and Gas industry and that Wagenborg Oilfield Services will increase its footprint in the Russian and Serbian market.