4 vessels,
thousands of pipes

While Wagenborg vessels are a regular sight on the navigational waters, it doesn’t happen that often that two Wagenborg vessels are berthed on either side of one quay, while at the same time a third one is already in position to take over the berth from the vessel that will be the first to finish loading. But these days in Izmit, Turkey, it is all go…

Recently Wagenborg Shipping was awarded a contract to transport thousands of pipes that will be used for oil, gas and water pipelines in Algeria. These pipes, the smallest already measuring 50 centimetres in diameter, the largest up to 5 times as big with a diameter of 2.50 metres, have to be transported from Izmit in Turkey to different ports in Algeria. Four Wagenborg vessels, the ‘Humberborg’, the ‘Flevoborg

and the two sister vessels ‘Aragonborg’ and ‘Amstelborg’, sail multiple voyages between Izmit, Turkey and Skikda and Djen in Algeria. The number of pipes transported on one single voyage varies from around 280 up to 2700, since pipes of different sizes are mixed for each shipment. All in time, all in line with the customer’s wishes, all taken care of by Royal Wagenborg.

In the past few years, the transport department of Wagenborg Nedlift developed into a high quality partner for logistics in the oil and gas industry. In order to meet high standards in this industry, load securing became an important topic. An integrated approach was chosen to bring load securing within Wagenborg Nedlift to the next level.


First of all, our truck drivers, who are busy with loading, securing and transporting all types of different cargos every day, received briefings and additional training. On an individual level and in small groups, both experienced and new employees gained new insights in working methods and load securing materials. With these short communication lines, Wagenborg Nedlift’s managers received a lot of information and improvement proposals on possible technical improvements on the trailer fleet. This resulted in various practical solutions, such as casing beams provided with anti-slip material and the development of load supports to secure heavy loads on the conventional trailers.


Last but not least, social media were used to to promote the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. Not only on Wagenborg Nedlift level, but throughout the whole heavy transport sector. A special Facebook page was set up for pictures on load securing and discussions with fellow drivers about the topic!

“We work according an intergrated policy on load securing.”