-8° Celsius,
2 times 925 tonnes

Cranes… We work with them every day. Sometimes for weeks in a row on one location, sometimes on more than one location per day. But we also transport cranes, and not just our own. The fact that this is also daily routine, cannot be better expressed than by the busy schedule of Wagenborg Barge 9; one day unloading STS-container cranes in sunny Tenerife, the next day straight off to cold and icy Stettin, Poland for the next job. And on the Polish  quayside two cranes stood ready to be loaded…

Two SUL (Ship Unloader) cranes, 925 tons each, 80 metres wide, towering 55 metres up in the sky, stood ready for future deployment at the newly built RWE Power Plant in Eemshaven. In Stettin the two giants were loaded onto the barge by means of a skidding system. Given that there was no tidal movement in the port of Stettin, this operation could be executed quickly and without any delays. Once the two cranes were safely lashed and secured, the voyage towards Eemshaven could start. No shortcuts could be taken due to the size

of the cranes, so the Danish peninsula had to be circumvented before heading homewards. Upon arrival in the Eemshaven the RWE quayside was already fully prepared; the quay had to be leveled with a sand-bed given that otherwise the foundations for the cranes and different conveyer belts would be in the way for the unloading operation. After safe arrival in the port, all lashing and securing was removed and the unloading  operation could start.

As a skidding system could not be used in Eemshaven due to tidal movements, the cranes were unloaded by way of a roll-on roll-off operation, using 2 SPMTs in a 22 axle-line configuration. The strong eastern wind in combination with strong tidal movements in Eemshaven led to some delay, but it only took 45 minutes to get the first SUL-crane from the barge. 48 hours later conditions were perfect again and also the second crane was also unloaded in a fast and safe way. Professional cooperation between the teams of Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Towage resulted again in smooth operations and a satisfied customer.