Brand new
lifting gantry

Innovation ensures safe lifting operations

Recently, Wagenborg added a brand new four-point lifting gantry system with 500 tonnes lifting capacity to its equipment fleet. This is a great piece of equipment that will be used for handling, offloading and positioning heavy machinery.

The new gantry system is equipped with the latest technical features in order to combine safe operations with economic assembly and flexible use. Moreover, Wagenborg took the opportunity to request some modifications to the gantry system. This was organised by the project team of Wagenborg consisting of operators, engineers, QSE and Technical Services employees, in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

First of all, anti-slip platforms with hand railings were constructed in order to guarantee safe working-at-height conditions during the assembly and disassembly of the gantry system. Furthermore, the electronic side shift was modified for safer and more efficient operations. With the advanced remote control of the lifting gantry, the operator is able to monitor and operate all features of the system at a safe distance from the lifting gantry and the heavy load. This again, makes the working environment for the operators safer. The gantry system is equipped with an automatic levelling device in order to keep the load perfectly horizontal during lifting and lowering. The skidding operation on the rails is also electronically controlled, which guarantees a perfect synchronous movement.