Complex heavy lift
job successfully executed

H&R Salzbergen, Germany

Over the last years Wagenborg proved to be an experienced and expert partner for logistics maintenance contracts in petro chemistry and industry. In practice a logistics maintenance contract produces a large range of hoisting, transport and assembly work that requires a thorough approach. The same question faced H&R Chempharm GmbH recently.

H&R ChemPharm GmbH is the oldest and one of the most state-of-the-art producing special refineries in the world. The ChemPharm production site in Salzbergen is a part of the H&R Group and produces chemical/pharmaceutical raw materials. Since this plant goes back many years, some components are out of date and need to be replaced. One of these components was a 54 years old reactor. The installation of the new reactor is a specialized project involving a complex lift. And that is where Wagenborg came in…

The new reactor, measuring 37m in length and 1,37m in diameter, is as twice as big as the old reactor. With these dimensions the throughput and quality of production will be improved substantially. Built in Grimma near Leipzig, the 101 tons reactor had to be positioned and installed in a steel construction framework measuring 40m in height. For this lifting job Wagenborg put one of her LR1750’s into action. On paper an easy lifting job for this  750 tons crawler crane, but the H&R plant is not built for cranes of these dimensions and has little space to manoeuvre on site due to the many systems and piping installed close to each other. This meant a complex heavy lift job after all since the reactor had to be lifted at an outreach of 58  meters. That is why the red giant, with its mainboom – flyjib configuration of 35/65m, was equipped with 300 tons super lift counterweigh.

From a temporary storage area on site the reactor was lifted by the LR1750 and a 500 tons mobile crane horizontally. The reactor was slowly positioned from a horizontal to a vertical position after which the crawler crane could swing the reactor to her final position in the steel construction framework, all within four hours. With this great performance of the Wagenborg crew under supervision of Peter Eiffius and Willy Drees again the most economical,  practical and safest logistic solution was provided without the operating process being disturbed from the lifting job.

Our project team
Our project team