Double premiere
for Wagenborg

Just last summer, Wagenborg added a brand new 750 tons crawler crane, type Liebherr LR1750 to their fleet. This second 750 tons crawler crane is a great addition to the 150 cranes Wagenborg already operates, with which Wagenborg belongs to the top 3 in the Benelux with lifting capacities up to 750 tons. The maiden job for this newcomer was the first heavy lifting project of Wagenborg at the steel plant of  ThyssenKrupp Steel, a double premiere.

ThyssenKrupp Steel

The steel plant in Duisburg – Bruckhausen is one of the world wide top ranking steel works. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe decided to modernize the company’s core facility by replacing the first of two converters and the associated waste heat boiler systems. These elements were the basis for steel production for already more than 40 years. The new converters are said to be within the biggest of its kind, being more environmental friendly and energy- efficient at the same time.


Wagenborg was awarded the contract for lifting the waste heat boiler (cooling stack) by Oschatz GmbH, Essen. Oschatz is an innovative family owned company that operates globally with over 1,300 employees in the fields of plant construction, energy recovery and environmental technology based on more than 160 years of experience. In 1968, Oschatz already fitted the first cooling stacks for the ThyssenKrupp Steel plant. Now, more than 45 years later, they were again awarded by TKS with this specialist cooling stack job.

The logistic challenge

The modernization operation was a logistical challenge as the production of converter 2 continued while replacing converter 1 and the waste heat boiler system. More than 1,000 specialists were working on the converter exchange project inside the building while on the outside, lifting works were carried out on the waste heat boiler system. Both projects were set within a very tight time frame of total 45 days, requiring multiple shifts and weekend works.


In order to prevent disturbances in the production process and to be able to execute the lifting works efficiently and safely (including the handling of the 320 tonnes superlift counterweight), a bypass was constructed on site. Site transports and handling of the boiler equipment from/ to our crawler crane were done by modular trailers and several mobile cranes.

Project execution

Directly above the converter floor inside the building, four segments of the waste-heat boiler system had to be replaced. The new system has a total weight of 210 tonnes and a length of 75m and had to be positioned through the roof. The heaviest section measures 8m in height and 13m in length and weighs 40 tonnes. A true challenge for Wagenborg’s project manager Arjan Bossers and his lifting team!


With a boom configuration of total 147m, our red lady made an impressive appearance directly positioned at gate 1, the main entrance to the huge production site of ThyssenKrupp Steel. Employees and bystanders therefore watched the actions of Wagenborg with lots of interest.


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