Fit for the future

Wagenborg Oilfield Services

2013 was a year with numerous challenges and opportunities for Wagenborg Oilfield Services in Russia. We increased our scope of services with two new products: down hole fishing and radial cutting torch services. The fleet of drilling jars was enlarged and is now exceeding 60 pieces. We installed an additional CNC lathe machine in our Noyabrsk Branch and even more importantly, we increased the scope of work with our customers by 40% compared to 2012.

Currently, Wagenborg Oilfield Services supports over 20 customers in Russia and this amount is growing every month. One of the biggest achievements in 2013 was the zero accidents or incidents during our operations. Wagenborg Oilfield Services drivers and personnel often drive over icy and snowy roads to the field and back. It is commendable that they drove a total amount of 250,000 kilometres without any safety issues!

New service center Orenburg

Last year the company decided to open a second branch in Russia, located in Orenburg close to the Kazakhstan border of Aktobe and Aksai. Rene Hans Brockholz was appointed Branch Manager and is responsible for day-to- day operations. The main focus for Orenburg in 2014 will be Machine Shop services, Jar rental and Down Hole Fishing. We have good reasons to believe that this endeavour will be a great success. The Orenburg Branch will be fully operational in February.

Branche office Noyabrsk

Our Noyabrsk branch is still negotiating with its customers on several tenders and we are hopeful that most of these will have a positive outcome. At this moment we extended the contract with GAZPROMNEFT in Noyabrsk and were awarded two additional ones in Muravlenko and for a GAZPROMNEFT development that operates in the northern region of Western Siberia. On the down side we lost the contract with GAZPROMNEFT in  Serbia for the direct sales of oilfield equipment, but on the other hand, we were awarded a contract for Down Hole Fishing in Noyabrsk for the same customer.

Ready for the future

By the end of 2014 Wagenborg Oilfield Services expects to employ close to 100 people in Russia. With the growth we have encountered over the last years it is mandatory that we make sure we grow from solid foundations and we have a continuous focus on quality services and products. Often when companies are growing as fast as Wagenborg Oilfield Services it is difficult to obtain the standards and level of service that the customers expect. It is  our team’s target to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations. For this reason, we will invest more than average this year in our personnel by additional field and desk training by specialised companies. It is clear that the Wagenborg Oilfield Services team is ready for the upcoming challenge and is looking forward to the future.

“We invest a lot in our personnel to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.”
Our new service center in Orenburg