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Rig move consultancy and inspections

Wagenborg Foxdrill has more than 40 years of experience when it comes to rig  moving. The world’s rig fleet is rapidly increasing, but the availability of competent riggers is limited and as safety requirements are higher than ever, there is a need for advice on all levels. Wagenborg Foxdrill has the knowledge, systems and capacity to support drilling contractors and oil companies.

Transfer of knowledge can be achieved in different ways. Wagenborg Foxdrill offers clients the following products.

Rig move manuals

These manuals provide a detailed description of the rig move process, customised for every type of rig and based on field research during rig moves. Amongst other elements our manuals contain 3D lifting plans, MS Project plans, procedures and Task Risk Analyses (TRA). Where possible, photos are used to show practical examples of the procedures. 

'Rig move on paper' sessions

During these sessions all the stakeholders of a rig move come together and discuss all the relevant topics in detail. This creates a theoretical blueprint of the rig move and reveals all the bottlenecks. This blueprint is the starting point for future rig moves and naturally, it is formulated in line with best practices. 

Rig move animations

To increase the competencies of drilling personnel, drilling contractors developed interactive training tools. Wagenborg Foxdrill supports this by creating complete animations of rig moves from 3D drawings.

Rig inspections

Recently Wagenborg Foxdrill joined forces with BJ Consultancy, an inspection and consultancy company in the oil and gas industry with over 40 years of experience. We have the capability to inspect, modify and maintain complete drilling rigs and well intervention equipment, both onshore and offshore. 


As the mechanisation and automation of drilling rigs have developed, there is increasing emphasis on the safety of electrical installations, in combination with improvements of explosively safe components. BJ Consultancy has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this specialist field. 


Wagenborg Foxdrill offers complete derrick inspections and survey services in accordance with API 4F and 4G. Our inspections are performed with detailed checklists based on the latest legislation and the experiences of ourselves and our customers. We are in close contact with the leading manufacturers in the industry, which ensures that our inspectors maintain their knowledge at the highest level.

Ever since our incorporation, customers are paramount to Wagenborg Foxdrill; we serve them quickly and efficiently. That’s why reports are clearly structured, to the point and written in the customer’s preferred language. Together with our customers we decide the standard that will be used for the inspection.

Rig move optimization T48 Gabon

Recently Wagenborg was asked by KCA Deutag to reduce the rig move time of the rig T48 in Gabon. Our knowledge and experience is well known in Gabon because we have been involved in several moves of this rig before.


The onshore rig T48 is currently drilling for Shell, which uses a drilling method involving many moves. Due to this high frequency rig operator KCA  Deutag wants to reduce downtime to a minimum. And this is where the experience and knowledge of Wagenborg came in....


With the combination of a hands-on approach and a desktop study, a team of one supervisor, two experienced riggers and an engineer executed the rig move. This resulted in a rig up & down plan, loading plan and a report with recommendations with which KCA Deutag is able to reduce rig moving time itself during the upcoming rig moves.

Rig T48 in Gabon
Rig T48 in Gabon