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Borkum West II wind farm

13th of January 2014, 07:00 AM. For the last time in this project the Wagenborg crew stands ready to discharge the m.v. Marietje Andrea at the Wagenborg terminal in Eemshaven. Even though all are familiar with the job, the day starts with a toolbox talk discussing once more the work related risks and clarifying all responsibilities. Everybody’s task is clear, all positions are known, the equipment has been checked… The work can start!


Monopiles for the Amrumbank wind farm

The Marietje-type vessels, owned by the family Danser and sailing under the Wagenborg flag, are versatile and very well usable for different offshore wind related activities. This can be seen by that fact that while the Marietje Andrea was sailing with blades for the Borkum West II project, sister vessel Marietje Andrea was loading monopiles for the Amrumbank project in Vlissingen for destination Cuxhaven. 

Amrumbank is an offshore wind farm with 80 wind turbines which will stand on monopile foundations. Each monopile weighs more than 600 tonnes and has a length of between 50 and 60 metres. Loading, seafastening and discharging methods have all been specially engineered for this project, enabling the Marietje-type vessels to take two monopiles on each voyage between Vlissingen and Cuxhaven.

Less than half a day later already the job is done. The last blades for the Borkum West II project have been placed into storage. Ready for assembly into a rotor star before being load-out to the offshore installation vessel. Wagenborg took care of loading the blades in Stade, Germany and has transported all 120 blades for this wind farm to Eemshaven with the Marietje-type vessels of the Danser family, sailing under charter of Wagenborg. In Eemshaven different components of the Borkum West II project are stored at the Wagenborg terminal and adjacent premises.

With her 1,000 tonnes crane the 138 metre long jack-up vessel MPI Adventure now manoeuvres regularly into the Eemshaven and jacks-up in front of the Wagenborg terminal. From there it is only a matter of hours before she has loaded three complete turbines again and is ready to depart offshore to proceed with her offshore installation works.

Another offshore wind farm where Wagenborg has been involved from the start, transporting all wind turbine components from the different factory yards to the onshore hub in Eemshaven, executed with a combination of vessels and barges. All loading and discharging activities were managed by the project team, and now, after ensuring safe storage of the components on her premises, Wagenborg again make sure the components can safely be delivered onto the quayside before being shipped offshore.