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BARD offshore i wind farm

In the summer of 2013 Bard installed the 80th 5MW wind turbine of the Bard Offshore I wind farm in the North Sea and therewith successfully finished her offshore installation activities. For Wagenborg this meant that after a period with intensive cooperation with the customer, the last wind turbine components of Bard left the Wagenborg terminal in Eemshaven.

It all started in 2009 with the first components of the Bard turbines arriving in Eemshaven. Since then this pioneer has installed an impressive 80 turbines offshore, working her way through the different issues that all pioneers encounter. The offshore wind project team of Royal Wagenborg has assisted Bard throughout this period by taking care of the daily logistic operations in Eemshaven, as well as by
offering dedicated logistic solutions.

Tailored logistic solutions

One example of such solution has been the roll-on rolloff bridge that has been built for Bard in Eemshaven. Together with the Wagenborg engineering department this bridge has been developed as a dedicated solution for the load-out of rotor stars onto one of the Wagenborg barges. From these barge Bard was then able to take over the components onto her jack-up barge before offshore installation could take place. Non such load-out could however take place before the rotor stars were assembled on the 30.000 square metre large rotor star assembly area. Logistic support by means of cranes and rolling equipment was also provided by Wagenborg, already starting when the components first arrived in Eemshaven and had to be placed into storage.

A regular sight

Every component of the complete Bard wind turbine has been handled by Wagenborg in one way or another. A number of barges were used throughout the project to transport not only rotor stars, but also tower sections, nacelles and different parts of Bard foundations as well. During the project period the jack-up barges working for the project were a regular sight along the Wagenborg quayside in Eemshaven. Throughout the period we have seen the Windlift, the Thor, the JB115 and the JB117 coming by and in the last months the Brave Tern jacked down in the port as
well. All were provided a safe jacking position and comfortable stay hosted by the Wagenborg project management in close cooperation with our agency department.

Combining Wagenborg activities

The Bard project was a great experience for Wagenborg, a strong piece of logistics in a highly valued cooperation with the customer. A perfect example of what can be done by combining the different Wagenborg activities, providing full scope solutions to our customer.

“Every component of the complete bard wind turbine has been handled by wagenborg in one way or another.”