A changing offshore
world demands
innovative vessels

The worldwide demands for energy are constantly high and, despite the economic conditions, still growing. In the upcoming years renewable energy, oil and gas will become indispensible to meet the increasing energy consumption. Many major companies are exploring possible ways to generate renewable energy and produce oil or gas from the most remote and inaccessible areas, including offshore locations.

Logically offshore activities are booming and evolving rapidly. Due to these developments offshore activities are forced to adapt. With an increasing emphasis on safety and sustainability many working methods nowadays are revised and improved.


Reducing logistic and operational costs to a minimum is the biggest challenge ahead since offshore locations are built in the most harshest environments, further from land facing higher waves.


As a result of this changing offshore world, the needs for offshore supporting vessels are continuously increasing which requires innovative vessel designs.

In close consultation with the offshore industry Royal Wagenborg developed a new type of specialized maintenance support vessel. The vessel´s design combines many functional requirements which are considered essential for offshore activities. Both the offshore wind power industry as the offshore oil and gas industry will benefit from this vessel.


Dubbed the ‘Walk to Work’ vessel, the new unit is a genuinely unique design that will play a crucial role maintaining and servicing unmanned offshore locations in a manner consistent to the developments in the offshore world.


Discover how efficiency, safety, comfort and the environment inspired the vessel´s concept and her design.