Positive effect
on the region

A 100% Dutch product

Together with its co-makers, Royal Niestern Sander developed a new type of specialized maintenance support vessel for the offshore industry. Fokke Jan Botke, Manager Design & Construction of Niestern Sander, explains.

“We put a lot of effort into the preliminary draft of the vessel and we listened carefully to our customer. And that worked out. We were able to implement  all the key functional requirements into the vessel’s design, such as people/equipment transfer, warehouse and workshop facilities, standby duties and  bunkering chemicals. This resulted in the largest order ever for our shipyard for just one vessel. That is very special to us, especially in these economic times.”

Employment for the region

In the upcoming months Niestern Sander will work with about 80 people on the construction of this Walk to Work vessel. “We are an official training company and train young people in the North of the Netherlands ourselves, such as students from the metal and shipbuilding schools. The entire region will benefit from this project. As well as that many subcontractors from the region are involved.”

A special project

This project is special because of the collaboration between Wagenborg, NAM, Shell UK and Niestern Sander. But also the specific requirements for the vessel have resulted in a wonderful project. This vessel offers so many possibilities, is comfortable and can remain perfectly at position. Moreover, the vessel is sustainable and economical. “I’m sure that the building of this vessel will be followed with great interest worldwide, by competitors in the natural gas sector but also by many others. The Walk to Work vessel is also perfect for offshore work on wind turbines. We would like to sell more of these vessels of course. That is why we have a common saying: one vessel is none vessel!” Mr Botke quips.