Strategically located in the vicinity of the German and Dutch offshore wind farm development zones, lies the Wagenborg terminal in Eemshaven. With over 60.000 square metres of insulated warehouses and 100.000 square metres of outdoor storage areas, this terminal is al well-functioning hub for the offshore industries. Since early 2013, Wagenborg has used this location for providing logistic services to various offshore locations.

One of these projects involves the Borwin Alpha and the Dolwin Alpha high voltage direct current converter stations, which are owned by transmission system operator Tennet and lie at approximately 35 nautical miles out of Eemshaven. These converter stations are the link between a number of offshore wind farms in the area and the German onshore grid. Throughout the last year over a hundred people have on average been working on these platforms, which best compare themselves to factories located at sea. The logistic challenge in supplying all required materials just in time to these platforms has been taken care of by Wagenborg throughout the last two years. 

At our terminal in Eemshaven we take care of the receipt and storage of incoming goods. Each week a variety of technical equipment, consumer goods and food products is offloaded by our stevedores. As soon as the goods are called for from offshore, everything is stuffed and secured into appropriate offshore certified containers. At the day of shipment the containers are loaded onto the supply vessel, which takes care of the offshore delivery. Also the large flow of backloads is handled by Wagenborg; separated waste flows are disposed of via local waste processing companies and onward shipment of parcels and spare parts is arranged. A dedicated foreman oversees the complete project and is available for the customers at any time. 

Throughout the project Wagenborg has taken care of the transhipment of many different goods. Ranging from oversized pumps and machine parts to portable toilets, complete accommodation units and large quantities of fresh vegetables, everything is taken care of in the most appropriate way, whether it is in reefer containers for the fresh food or in special offshore baskets for oversized goods.

A well-coordinated supply chain is of core importance for the functioning of the factories out at sea. The relatively short distance between multiple project areas and Eemshaven, as well as the unrestricted access to this port and the dedicated Wagenborg employees, makes the Wagenborg terminal in Eemshaven a perfect location for arranging many different offshore supply activities.