Wagenborg awarded
important heavy-lift

The ‘Köln-Niehl power plant’ in Cologne is one of the most efficient and clean co-generation power plants in the world. The power plant will be connected to the power network in 2016 and will provide power up to 1 million households and heat for 30.000 homes. In the summer of 2014, Wagenborg has been awarded the heavy-lift contract by Alstom. This contract comprised the complete scope of transshipment, transport and installation of all oversized modules and heavy lifts, on-shore. Herewith, Wagenborg played an important role in the realization of this modern heat and power plant of RheinEnergie. Wagenborg is proud to present you a brief summary of this special project. The entire project carried out by Wagenborg can be divided into three phases.

Delivery and installation of the power train

During the first phase, Wagenborg delivered the power train to Cologne. The heart of the power plant. The power train consists of a 365 tons generator and a 385 tons GT26 advanced-class gas turbine. After transshipment by crawler crane and local transport by Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMTs), the components have been installed onto the foundation by a skidding system and a lifting gantry.

Delivery and installation of the HRSG

After the installation of the gas turbine and the generator, the different parts of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) have been delivered and installed. From Volpago (Italy) 30 exceptional transports with steel structure and casing were delivered just-in-time to the construction site in Cologne. After installation by crawler crane, the HRSG OCC modules (modules Optimised for Cycling and Constructability) were delivered and installed. During this phase of the project, four crawler cranes of Wagenborg were operating at the same time. The last heavy lift challenge for Wagenborg during this phase of the project was the delivery and installation of the stack-can. The stack-can has been transported and installed in three sections. To comply with the installation procedure of the stack-can, the operations continued 24/7.

Pre-fabricated and assembled modules

The last phase of the project comprised the handling of in total 17 pre-fabricated and assembled modules, amongst others the main pipe rack, the feed water tower and the closed cooling water module. With this modular approach the site construction time was minimized. Wagenborg’s scope was the transhipment, transport and installation of these modules with a weight up to 154 tons. 

By combining craftsmanship, knowledge and first class equipment in an excellent way, Wagenborg successfully and safely finished the entire project within the agreed time schedule. Wagenborg has been complimented by the site management on her professionalism and flexibility during the entire project.