contributes to
record breaking
power plant

In Düsseldorf, work is in progress to build a new record breaking combined cycle power plant at the Lausward construction site. This power plant has a staggering electrical unit output of around 595 Megawatt. To give an insight; the gas turbine is able to provide electricity to all households in a large city like Berlin (3.5 million inhabitants). The power plant is also the most efficient one of its kind and, in addition, is able to extract 300 MW of thermal energy for the district heating system in the city of Düsseldorf. 

Last weekend, Wagenborg successfully executed the transhipment and transport of the 460 tons weighing gas turbine and the 457 tons weighing generator. For this project two of our 750 tons crawler cranes were put into action to lift this special cargo from the ship and onto our SPMTs. Transport was carried out with SPMTs -set up in a double 16 axle line configuration- from the quay side until the construction site under the hook of the overhead crane in the facility. Because of the enormous weight it was necessary to build protection plateaus over several underground cooling pipes to prevent damage during transport. To ensure maximum safety during the lifting operation with the two heavy cranes, it was necessary to make detailed quay calculations. 

Again a very impressive project and a great piece of workmanship in which Wagenborg showed her expertise in executing projects of this scale. The coming period, Wagenborg will also deliver the turbine housing and the parts for the steam turbine for this project.