Introducing a new
safety standard with
our 'Walk-to-work'

As Royal Wagenborg is dealing more and more professionally with safety over the past years, we have gained entrance into industries with a higher safety standard and are able to participate in more complex projects. Safe behaviour, communication, working together as a team, and finding solutions have proven to be the secret of Wagenborg’s success. This proved to be true once more during the development of the ”Walk-to-Work” vessel Kroonborg. Wagenborg Offshore’s HSEQ manager André Tap explains…

High safety standards required

The Kroonborg’s design combines many functional requirements essential for service and maintenance activities on offshore platforms belonging to NAM and Shell UK, such as a motion compensated crane, a cold start-up unit, an Ampelmann gangway and chemical tanks below deck. The vessel will be operational on the Dutch and UK side of the southern North Sea. That is why all procedures and manuals have to comply with two offshore standards, the Dutch one and the English one. This requires the implementation of the highest safety standards. Dedication and commitment from all parties involved was essential to comply with national legislation from both the UK and the Netherlands.

With respect towards health, safety, and the environment, Wagenborg had to arrange many certificates, such as Lloyds certification for ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001. ISM, ISPS and MLC must also be ready prior to sailing. Above all of this, our client NAM/Shell upholds a high safety standard. For the vessel, it means that we have to participate in and initiate specific hazard operability studies, risk assessments, method statements, and attend various meetings to discuss the future operations of the vessel and how to perform them safely.

An updated management system

With the Kroonborg, we are setting the standard for an up-to-date management system within Wagenborg Offshore. A dedicated document controller was appointed to oversee the correct implementation of the manuals and procedures for the Kroonborg organization. The Kroonborg’s safety management system has been rewritten and is fit for its purpose. In an early stage, manuals were written to comply with the NAM / Shell UK guidelines and to prepare ourselves for the future. Some existing manuals were completely revamped; the shipboard operations manual has been totally renewed. The DP manual was even written from scratch! 

Our client NAM / Shell UK audited Wagenborg Offshore several times, and this revealed improvement opportunities for us. Our system showed gaps, and we worked hard on closing all of the gaps to build a management system which meets the highest standards.