Components for a new
build gas process
plant Viura, Spain

Underneath the grounds of the Spanish Autonomous Region of La Rioja a natural gas reservoir is located at a depth of 4.000 meters. For its exploitation, a consortium comprised of 3 companies has built two wells: the VIURA 1 in the municipality of Sotes and a second well: VIURA 3 in Hornos de Moncalvillo. The exploitation of the gas reservoir requires the construction of a process plant that will treat the extracted gas prior to delivering it to the national gas grid. Besides that also 2 gas pipelines have to be built: one from VIURA 3 to the plant and another that connects the plant with the national grid.

The Dutch company Frames was awarded the contract for the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the process plant at Viura existing of different kind of modules and components. These units varied in size from 4 meters to 21 meters in length and weights up to 35 tons, a true challenge to get these components from several locations in
Germany and The Netherlands to the construction site in Spain. And that’s where Wagenborg came in….

Wagenborg operates a modern and versatile fleet of over 85 trucks and 120 towed units for flatbed transport, special transport and exceptional
transport. This fleet consists of flatbed trailers, semi low loaders, euro low loaders, 3-bed-4 combinations and truck-mounted cranes up to 70 t capacity. With this diverse fleet Wagenborg is flexible and special suited for projects like the Viura project. 

Coordinated from the Netherlands all components were picked up just-in-time at the locations as was appointed by our customer. Subsequently the units were all brought safely and according plan to the construction site in Spain. At the construction site Wagenborg mobilized a 180tons crawler crane to discharge the loads from the trailers and lift the components to their foundations. 

About Frames

Frames provides the vital link between the well and the pipeline in the international oil and gas industry. Together, they design, build and deliver separation technology, oil and gas treatment, flow control and safeguarding systems and modules, even integrated solutions such as total plants. Frames works directly with you, one-onone, to optimize upstream, onshore and offshore processes. They deliver advanced, technical and smart solutions.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Frames has more than 500 employees working in 16 offices worldwide, each focused on a specific range of systems and solutions. For more information visit