terminal as
logistic hub

In de German port of Emden a new receiving terminal for Norwegian gas is being constructed. This new built facility will replace the existing Norsea Gas Terminal (NGT), which became operational in 1977 and currently is being operated by Gassco AS. The new gas terminal is planned to be completed in 2016.

The initial engineering, procurement and construction for the new terminal will be carried out by Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH. The facility will be pre-assembled in modules. The engineering and services group Bilfinger supports Linde for the manufacturing and installation of system modules and piping technology. These modules are built to the greatest possible extent and put together at the construction site in Emden. But where to build these modules? Wagenborg knew a solution!

At the Wagenborg terminal in Delfzijl, located only 10 km ahead from Emden, large covered and open assembling areas are available. Combining this with the availability of a diversity of mobile cranes, all ingredients for an efficient pre-assembly of the modules are there.

The scope of the entire project involved the provision of yard facilities including power supply, parking lots, internet connections etc. Lifting services for the assembly of the modules, including rigging and rigging equipment, work preparation, project 
management and engineering. Transport of piping and parts from suppliers everywhere in Europe to yard Delfzijl and site Gassco Emden (>100 transports in total). 45 Transports of spoolunits 35 x 4,5 meters from Delfzijl to Emden site by road. Supply of cranes and transport equipment for local yard transport and loading modules onto barges.