The North Sea as Europe's
major energy source

The worldwide demands for energy are constantly high and, despite the economic conditions, still growing. In the upcoming years oil, gas and renewable energy such as wind power will be indispensable. To meet this increasing energy consumption the North Sea has proven to be a vital strategic energy resource for many countries in the last decades. Not only has it contributed to Europe’s independent energy supply, but it has also ensured hundreds of thousands of jobs across several countries. 

The North Sea has Europe’s largest oil and gas reserves and is one of the world’s most important production areas for oil and natural gas. Besides that Europe is the world leader in offshore wind power. The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) identified that, either online, under construction, consented or planned, 60% of the offshore wind farms in European waters will be located in the North Sea. Being Europe’s major energy source involves all North Sea activities lots of logistic activities. And that is where Wagenborg comes is... 

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