Wagenborg Foxdrill
installs North Dragon
derrick package

In late May 2014, the first employees of Wagenborg Foxdrill travelled to Norway to assemble a huge drilling rig there. This installation is part of a new drilling rig called North Dragon. Wagenborg’s client is A.S.Nymo, a shipyard in Grimstad, located in the south-eastern part of Norway where Wagenborg Foxdrill has built several rigs in the past. 

North Dragon is a semi-submersible drilling platform that retains its position by means of dynamic positioning. This enables this type of drilling rig to be used in areas with water depths up to 1,200 meters. Because
all systems are designed to withstand temperatures down to minus 25 degrees, this platform can drill and operate under arctic conditions, such as the Barets Sea. 

The base of the rig was built in China by CIMC Raffles and then moved to Norway. In early October, a part of the drilling rig was hoisted on top of this base. In the beginning of this project, Wagenborg Foxdrill deployed teams of about 5 people. During the project, this number has increased to twelve. The target is set to close the project in January 2015, and the employees of Wagenborg will do their utmost to achieve this.

Most employees of Wagenborg Foxdrill enjoy working in Norway. Also, the weather was exceptionally good in southern Norway last summer, ensuring that operations were executed under ideal conditions.

Our client A.S. Nymo has indicated great satisfaction with Wagenborg’s progress so far. But this is only possible because of very detailed preparation and good support by the project managers and engineers during
implementation, good cooperation with the client, local amenities, excellent conditions of the necessary equipment, and the efforts of both in-house and hired employees. 

When the same high level of the last few weeks can be sustained, Wagenborg Foxdrill and its client Nymo will be able to look back again on a professionally-executed project of great magnitude.