'Walk-to-Work' vessel

In the previous edition of Times we proudly introduced our unique ‘Walk-to-Work’ vessel as a reply on Nam/Shell’s desire to operate more efficiently, effective, productive and safe on their offshore platforms in the Southern North Sea. On February the 9th the ‘Walk-to-Work’ vessel Kroonborg was christened in the port of Delfzijl, The Netherlands. This completely new developed Service Operating Vessel (SOV) will be deployed for NAM in assistance for her offshore maintenance activities to unmanned platforms and gas productions wells in the Southern North Sea in the upcoming 10 years.


Due to a combinations of innovative functions and new techniques the Kroonborg is completely unique. The vessel was specially designed after a specific demand from NAM by Royal Wagenborg, shipyard Royal Niestern Sander and NAM. The dynamic positioned vessel combines a work shop, a storage space, accommodation facilities and a transport method in one single design. Equipped with motion compensated elements, such as an offshore access system and crane, the vessel is designed to be operational minimal 300 days a year. This way NAM is able to optimize her logistic processes during maintenance and servicing activities on the offshore platforms.


Transferring people and equipment from the vessel to an offshore installation must be performed in the most safest way possible. Offshore crews will be able to literally ‘walk to work’ by using the access bridge making ‘offshore access easy as crossing the street’. The most challenging feature of the vessel´s design is the motion compensated crane, which can safely transfer equipment from the vessel onto an offshore installation. Especially the ability to safely compensate for pitching and rolling motions in addition to heave, will be an added value. The motion compensated access system and crane are able to compensate waves up to 2,5 meters.


Kroonborg is specially designed for people who are not used to sailing. The design, hull shape and Voith Schneider propulsion system of this DP2 vessel enables a smooth seakeeping behaviour at sea. Avoiding seasickness is important in the vessel’s design and results in a pleasant working environment and comfortable cabins. Inside a cabin you totally forget you are at sea: the low noise bow thruster are not audible and the motion of the waves is not sensible. Further, Kroonborg offers a recreation room with video-on-demand, broadband internet on the entire vessel, a luxurious mess room, a hospital, a gym and even art and paintings on all decks. All facilities to make the Kroonborg feel like home for her crews.


Kroonborg can be considered as an environmental friendly support vessel due to features as a low power consumption and low noise thrusters. The vessel is unmatched in energy efficiency and enables considerable fuel saving possibilities. Classified as a Clean Ship the Kroonborg can be marked as a green vessel. The vessel’s autonomy will reduce helicopter flights to offshore locations resulting in substantial savings in terms of costs and emissions. Kroonborg is the first offshore vessel in the world to sail on GTL fuel, a liquid fuel made of natural gas with less emissions than conventional fuels for vessels.

“The versatility of the Kroonborg, often compared with a Swiss knife by NAM, makes this unique SOV perfectly suited for different kind of offshore support. And that does not only include the oil & gas industry. Also the offshore wind industry will benefit ”

Introducing the different functions of 'Kroonborg'